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Flower Essence Emergency Kit

During these changing times, each of us should be prepared to care for ourselves, our family, our animals and our community without assuming we will have immediate access to alternative or western medical care.

This is the list I believe we all should have as part of our first aid kit. If you can only afford a few I would own Five-Flower Formula, Self-Heal, Yarrow Environmental Solution, Fear-Less and Post-Trauma Stabilizer.

You can order these essences directly from Flower Essence Services. Or you can call them directly at 1-800-736-9222.

This list is from the  Flower Essence Repertory (copyright) by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz (Reprinted by permission from the Flower Essence Society.)

Flower Essence Emergency Kit

Angel’s Trumpet: for wartime and natural disasters; to assist peaceful transition in dying process, conscious transition of soul out of body

Angelica: protection and guidance from the spiritual realms, especially for those who have opened up their psychic centers too quickly

Arnica: easing shock and trauma, especially with physical injuries; re-uniting soul and spirit with the body

Canyon Dudleya: inability to cope in emergency, tendency to hysteria and overwhelm

Chamomile: to calm distraught emotions

Cherry Plum: out of control, hysterical, suicidal or destructive due to extreme stress

Crab Apple: mental and physical cleansing; for wounds and toxins

Dill: nervous overwhelm due to assault on the senses through noise, light, air, smoke, etc.

Echinacea: experiences which disintegrate the sense of Self; deeply shattering experiences destructive to the core Self

Five-Flower Formula: for all cases of emergency or first aid, for immediate calming and centering

Golden Yarrow: ability to cope and to help others despite one’s sensitivity

Indian Pink: keeping centered amidst intense activity; leadership in crisis

Lavender: restoring calm after nervous burnout

Love-Lies-Bleeding: wounded, bleeding or dying; extreme pain which pushes soul beyond its limits

Purple Monkeyflower:
extreme fear or hysteria of a psychic or occult origin

Queen Anne’s Lace: for blows to the head, especially when vision is distorted

Red Clover: calm and centered despite group panic; dispels hysteria; promotes leadership in crisis situations

Rock Rose: profound fear of imminent death, destruction or annihilation

Saint John’s Wort: spiritual protection in injury or life-threatening situations; to restore inner light; protection during out-of-body states

Self-Heal: recuperation and rejuvenation; wholeness of etheric forces to counteract physical stress

Star of Bethlehem: soothing and balancing in cases of shock and extreme trauma; restores harmony and peace

Yarrow: protecting against physical or psychic negativity in the environment

Yarrow Environmental Solution: resistance to radiation or other environmental toxins; geopathic stress

And from the Florish line of FES flower essences:
Fear-Less: Red Clover, Mountain Pride, California Valerian, Oregon Grape, Mimulus, Rock Rose and Green Rose. Emergency indications are for use during any natural disaster or personal calamity. Works well in tandem or alternation with Five-Flower Formula during the most intense and immediate episodes of panic and chaos. To deal with residual stress and ongoing symptoms, use Post-Trauma Stabilizer.

Post-Trauma Stabilizer:
Arnica, Bleeding Heart, Echinacea, Glassy Hyacinth,
Green Cross Gentian, Fireweed & Five-Flower Formula. Emergency indications are for loss or disruption of any kind that creates bewilderment, numbness or shock in the body-soul complex – including amputation or debilitating injury within the physical body; loss or disruption to one’s home, community or environment. For relief work in any natural disaster or war zone – to address prolonged levels of shock and trauman and to help victims re-build and renew; beneficial for both humans and animals.

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