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In Times of Change~Five Flower Formula

We are now experiencing what some have foreseen for quite some time: change. The virtual collapse of our banking and credit systems can be seen as a wake up call, if we choose to look at it that way. Let’s face it – the way our country has been living is NOT sustainable! This time of change calls for a deep re-evaluation of our lifestyle, priorities and our footprint on the planet. We can and should do better.

This is going to require sacrifice on all our parts. There is no one who can tell you how much change is coming or how seriously it’s going to affect you, your family/animals and community. All we know is that it will affect all of us.

You can begin now to learn what you need to know to help your family (including animals) through these times. If you have grandparents alive, call them and ask them how their families made it through the depression. What did they feed their animals back then? Collect the wisdom of the elders.

Do you know how to grow food? Do you have services to barter? How can you cut back on all expenses without being scared? Can you make it a game at home and have fun with it?

“Back to basics” is something I believe we have been craving. Some things we now consider necessities weren’t even around 15-20 years ago. We can do just fine with less.

In times of change, I would recommend knowing the basics around the use of flower essences, first aid and the use of herbs for healing. A basic item needed at home is Five Flower Formula (FFF), made by Flower Essence Services. (1-800-736-9222) This combination is based on Dr. Bach’s popular formula called Rescue Remedy. I prefer FFF because the flowers used are grown biodynamically and the quality of caring in making this formula is unsurpassed. This formula seems to be much more potent than Rescue Remedy. This essence is used for relieving stress, anxiety, trauma and for emergencies. It is used for immediate calming and centering. In these times of change this is the main remedy I recommend you always have nearby.

And remember, the stress we feel is also felt by our animal companions. They too should be receiving flower essences during this time. We are all connected.

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