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Animal Communication

Animals communicate regularly via telepathy, body language and sound. Telepathy is the most basic form of communication, an ability all animals (humans included) are born with but because of our society and culture, we seem to have lost some of our innate perceptiveness and therefore our ability to use telepathy as a means of regular communication. We all have the innate ability to be telepathic, but like all abilities it must be recognized, nurtured, trained and used.

Wikipedia decribes telepathy as mind-to-mind communication. The word “tele” in Greek means “distant” and the word “patheia” means “to be affected by.”

Traditionally telepathy is described as a means of communication via pathways other than the traditional five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.) In my experience, I hear the thoughts verbally, sense or feel the emotions and physical conditions and see images or pictures. It feels like our traditional five senses but what is different is the avenue through which I access the information.

Before a session, I intentionally go into a state that allows me to be in the place of “inter-connectedness” with all beings. From this place, I can reach the “being” I intend to speak with.

Where Science is….
Science is now catching up to what some of us already know on an experiential level. Quantum physics understands that time and space are not what they seem and that when we drop the confines of these beliefs, we can and do experience major shifts in our perceptions.

Science has also found an innate connection between particles (like neurons for example) that come from a common source. If you affect one particle, it affects the other no matter the distance between them. The terms science is using for this phenomenon are non-separability, non-locality or entanglement. It is unclear to science how far this phenomenon extends or how deep this inter-connectedness runs.

Another name for the space that encompasses this interconnectedness is “morphic fields.” The morphic field links or connects groups: animals, people, families and all manner of “inanimate” objects like protons and neurons. Science, with its current limitations, cannot tell us yet how large these fields can extend.

Earth based wisdom teachings tell us that everything is inter-connected. In my opinion, the only limit to inter-connectedness or the morphic field are the limits we put on it by our acquired belief systems. It is because of the inter-connectedness and through the morphic field that one is able to connect with the animal or person during a session.

The amazing part of this work is that is that you don’t have to be in the same room. It can be done in close proximity or over a long distance. It is through practice and intention that animal communicators are able to reach into the morphic field telepathically and connect with the client.

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