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A New Time!

As I sit here today, I deeply feel the promise that we have begun a new era in our country, our communities and in our own personal lives. This new era will inspire us to be better! It will also help us to be better world citizens and stewards of the planet. I believe President Obama is a symbol of our deep yearning for change.

Change will come from each of us in our own small and large ways. My personal commitment at this time is to do better each day at living my life with the smallest impact on the planet possible. I watched a movie last night that drove home my new committment. The movie is called “Our Daily Bread.” It’s a foreign film with no words…no need for them. It’s a TOUGH movie to watch but for any meat eaters out there, I encourage you to watch to the end…if you can.

My commitment is that I am going to cut the amount of animal protein I eat each week by half. Currently I have some sort of animal protein 3-5 days a week. So I pledge to lower that to 1-2 days per week and to remove beef from my diet completely, as it has the largest impact on our planet. I have to admit this scares me as I say it out loud! I was a vegetarian for 7+ years and found myself getting sick often in those last 3 years. So I will go slowly and do my best to eat well (all organic,) eat light and lighten the load on the planet.

As an animal communicator and a human who honors all life, it has been a difficult journey having a body that seems to need animal protein. I hold that things have shifted for me now and I will thrive on the new diet. That is the image I am holding for myself.

I am interested to hear from you what you plan to committing to! Feel free to share it here with a like-minded, animal loving community.

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All My Relations,


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  • 1 Lorrie yazm:

    Wow…good luck on your committment! I wish you the best. I know that whatever you set your mind to, you do!

  • 2 Lorrie yazm:

    About my committment. I too am trying to lessen my footprint. I also am really trying to find the silver lining in everything because I truly believe there is. I am choosing to not have negative around me and dismiss and not confront those that choose to be. Sometimes I think saying nothing speaks much louder. Or, at least speaking softer. It only took me 45 years to figure that one out!

  • 3 admin yazm:

    I know that whatever you put your mind too, you do as well! We can support one another on our commitments! Thanks for going there…actions always speak louder than words.

    Recently, Bayla helped me with my “complaining” about things…so instead of complaining about the trash (I always see on my walks with Wyatt) she said “do something about it!” So once a week I bring a bag and pick up trash. This week, there wasn’t any trash to pick up!

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