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We Are All Connected

I’m curious about our intimate relationship with Nature. If we open our minds and allow other kinds of teachers into our lives, we might just realize we have much to learn from Nature and the natural world through observation, humility and a willingness to stay open.

Take for instance the H1N1 virus (swine flu.) The other day I heard that a pig farm up in Canada had experienced an outbreak and that they believed the human farmer had given it to the pigs! This recent virus outbreak is an opportunity to really understand how inter-related we are with all of Life. How we treat all of Nature matters.

To me, this is a clear reminder that we are all connected. And when I say “we” I mean all beings on the planet (and beyond…but we can leave that discussion for another day!) Plants, animals, insects, worms, soil, rocks, sky, oceans, fish…all of Nature. Through human arrogance, we have disconnected ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the Web of Life. We are unplugged! It’s no wonder we are so unhappy and unconscious as a species. To the extent that we are dissatisfied, we are disconnected.

Via our global warming crisis and other environmental disasters, we certainly are learning that we are not physically separate from nature. How do we act as if we are separate? Every time we use our car. Every time we use a cleaning product that isn’t “green” or naturally biodegradable. Every time we throw out something that could be recycled. Every time we purchase products wrapped in something that can’t be recycled. And even those of us that do the best we can with recycling…every single time we “take out” the trash! I ask you, “take out” the trash to where? Ultimately, it’s all our backyard isn’t it?

Which leads me to the spiritual aspect of our separation. What if spiritually we aren’t separate from any single aspect of Life? What if Gaia, the Earth, is waking up just as we are? If we all are evolving towards something new- a place where we understand our inter-relatedness. Our perceived separateness is simply the “human” condition…an illusion from which we are attempting to wake up from.

My vision? The step would be a world where we respect ourselves and all Beings equally. Where we finally understand that if you pluck one aspect of the Web, the entire system vibrates.

All my relations,


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