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Workshop: Healing Animals, Healing Ourselves- The Gift of Flower Essence Therapy.

I have been asked to be one of the presenters at a 4 day workshop, hosted by the Flower Essence Society, this Memorial Day weekend. The workshop is called “Healing Animals, Healing Ourselves- The Gift of Flower Essence Therapy.”

Class highlights include:
· Overview of the most important flower essences for animal and human caretaker healing
· Selection methods – how to make good flower essence choices and assess effectiveness
· Methods of application and specialized techniques for administration of flower essences
· Animal Communication: Listening, Learning and Loving
· Healing the Healer: special considerations and challenges for animal caretakers
· Observation and direct experience with animals in need of healing
· Case studies and questions: submissions from class participants
· Walks in Terra Flora Gardens to attune to flowers and animal life
· Special topics: Animal Rescue in Natural Disasters, Working with Wildlife, Adoption, Birthing and Dying

Guest presenters include Kathy Edstrom, Dr. Share Siwek, Teresa Wagner and myself. This workshop will be lead by Patricia Kaminski of the Flower Essence Society. If you work with animals or want to understand your own better, you might want to consider attending. You do not want to miss this! For further information please visit this link at The Flower Essence Society.

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