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Workshop: Healing Animals, Healing Ourselves- The Gift of Flower Essence Therapy.

I have been asked to be one of the presenters at a 4 day workshop, hosted by the Flower Essence Society, this Memorial Day weekend. The workshop is called “Healing Animals, Healing Ourselves- The Gift of Flower Essence Therapy.”

Flower Essence Emergency Kit

During these changing times, each of us should be prepared to care for ourselves, our family, our animals and our community without assuming we will have immediate access to alternative or western medical care.

This is the list I believe we all should have as part of our first aid kit.

In Times of Change~Five Flower Formula

We are now experiencing what some have foreseen for quite some time: change. The virtual collapse of our banking and credit systems can be seen as a wake up call, if we choose to look at it that way. Let’s face it – the way our country has been living is NOT sustainable! This time [...]