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Healing Animals-Healing Ourselves

I have been asked to be one of the presenters at a 4 day workshop this Memorial Day weekend entitled “Healing Animals, Healing Ourselves- The Gift of Flower Essence Therapy.”
Class highlights include:
• Overview of leading flower essences for animal and human caretaker healing
• Selection methods – how to make good flower essence choices and assess [...]

Poetry: Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith
by Wendy L. Brown
Standing before a fork
in the road
there is not a right answer
or truth cast in stone, there are
choices and plans and desire,
there is the heart of fire and
twist of fate,
there is the unveling
of who you are and who you
are becoming.
This I have found after
bargaining with my hopes
and my destiny. There [...]

A New Time!

As I sit here today, I deeply feel the promise that we have begun a new era in our country, our communities and in our own personal lives. This new era will inspire us to be better! It will also help us to be better world citizens and stewards of the planet. I believe President [...]