Raven has an amazing gift. I have been fortunate enough to have her connect with my animals on many occasions. Because of her communication with them, I have been able to implement changes in the lives of my pets that has had an incredibly positive effect on them and the quality of their lives. She has given me insight into their emotions that I would never had known…the results have been nothing short of wonderful! Thank you Raven for helping me give my pets the best quality of life possible.
Dr. Deb Sell, DC, AVCA Certified

Raven brings to each session years of training and practice as well as an extensive background and understanding of supportive holistic remedies. When my 12 year old husky, Willow, began displaying an unusual behavior, I was completely perplexed about what message she was trying to send. I called Raven for help. Raven was able to connect with Willow which allowed me to "hear" her message and to understand what I could do to help my wonderful dog feel more at ease. As a compassionate and nurturing communicator, Raven uses her insightful and unique skills to help provide a deeper understanding and relationship for you and your animal companion. Working with Raven has been a gift.
Anne Peters, Canine Behavior Specialist

Raven does awesome work - very grounded and practical - which is a point I stress when I recommend her to someone. Her approach is so common sense that even those who haven’t been exposed to “energy healing” might want to give her a try! Her advice and support made a tremendous difference in the health and behavior of my dog and cat. Both had been adopted and had history of trauma. Her ability to communicate with them gave me valuable information that I would have had no way of knowing otherwise. Raven also gave me dietary and behavioral advice and recommended flower essences for me and my animals. When friends and family members who hadn’t seen them in a while visited, they couldn’t believe the difference. I have recommended Raven to many people and will continue to do so with confidence.
Kathy Dowd, Holistic Practitioner
Brattleboro, VT

I know Raven to be of the highest integrity, both in her work with animals and humans. Her insight and guidance have proven invaluable to me over the years.
K Joy Hosey, Healer
Ashland, OR

Raven is a talented animal communicator and just a wonderful human being. My cat Lilly was my longest relationship (20+ years) and was with me through so much. She was starting to fade and I couldn’t handle the thought of saying goodbye. Raven helped me understand Lilly and guided me through her last few months. After she passed on, Raven was there to help me hear what she had to say. Words cannot express how reassuring it was to “speak” with Lilly and know she was doing well and was at peace. Raven knew things only Lilly and I knew- I used to sing to her a special song and Raven told me “Lilly wants you to sing to her ‘your song’…” I felt at that point Lilly was with me…
Layla M. Flower, CFT, CNE
Petaluma, California

Raven clearly loves and understands animals. In addition to her keen intuition, she has extensive animal health and wellness knowledge. I felt so much better about my ‘senior’ dog Ruby’s well-being after meeting with Raven. She helped ease my concerns and gave me a plan on how to help her. My dog and I both love her!
Susan Brown, Business Consultant
Mount Shasta, CA

Raven has been sent by God to heal our animals. She put my arthritic lab, Molly, on a special raw food diet and she read into her emotional state. One month later Molly was jumping back on the bed and barking to get my butt out to the creek for a swim with her. In short, she regained her zest for life. Bless you Raven!!
Scott X. Seely
Milpitas, CA

With Raven’s intuitive guidance I was able to understand the emotional challenges my cat was having related to living with our family. Raven gave us clear action steps to resolve the problems we were having and it was wonderful to see how differently our cat behaved once we followed the suggestions! I appreciate her gift of allowing me to understand the different perspectives animals have from human beings.
Diana Chapman, Relationship/Leadership Coach
Santa Cruz, CA

Raven gave my animal companion, Nixon, a voice during a period when I was frustrated with his negative behavior. Through one gentle, candid conversation among the three of us, we achieved a level of understanding I could not have found on my own.
Anne Mark
Santa Cruz, CA

Raven’s special gift of animal communication has guided me through training, health issues, re-homing (Waldo), sudden death (Darcy), puppy selection (Balthazar) and bonding with my beloved dogs. The messages Raven has passed on to me from these three characters have brought me laughter, joy, comfort and even healing tears.
Donna Zetterquist
Bonny Doon, CA

After the devastating and unexpected loss of my beloved 4-legged child and co-worker, Elvis, I had a tremendous amount of grief and needed proper closure. Raven treated the situation with much reverence and sensitivity. I know there was a connection with Elvis, who had made his transition. Raven was not only able to help me understand new spiritual ideas but also was able to explain what had happened to him. I learned he had lots of questions and some confusion surrounding his passing, all of which was cleared up during our session. I know in my heart it was a real, true connection and future sessions continued to prove that Raven has an ability to connect to that special place where those we love have gone.
Rev. Sedona
Walnut Creek, CA

We adopted an 18 month-old named Cali who was quite insecure because she had been living in a situation with four other cats who would not tolerate her existence. Raven’s insights helped create a plan that has allowed our cat to flourish and thrive. She has a real gift for seeing deeply into what an animal needs at any particular moment in time. She clearly loves animals (and their owners!) and is here to serve them.
Pele Rouge
Ben Lomond, CA

Thanks for helping me usher Rosie into her next phase of being! And thanks for helping me evolve with her.You are kind, patient, wise and gifted. I can’t thank you enough!
Regina Firpo-Triplett
Felton, CA

I think of Ashanta (Ashty) often. I know she is always there as I feel her presence and the love seems to grow in new ways. Thank you so much for all of your help. You have been a gift to both of us and made a huge difference in our ability to walk through Ashty’s transition together.
Donna Hills

Raven’s help in guiding my communication with Frannie was enlightening, therapeutic and an educational experience that will remain very special to me.
Victor Barbella
NYC, New York