When speaking with an animal, the information I receive comes telepathically in the form of words, images and emotions.

I also work on a “medically intuitive” level to access what may be going on physically for the animal. The amazing part of telepathy is that you don’t have to be in the same room. It can be done in close proximity or over a long distance. (Quantum physics explains that time and space are concepts that we humans have made up to try and make sense of our world, and they are not actually real).

My job during the session is to listen intently with compassion, an open heart and to be in a space of non-judgment, allowing our time together to be deep and expansive. I will relay the information I receive in a clear and practical manner while holding space for healing and change to occur.

I work with individuals (animal or human) and families. Occasionally companion animals will match their human/s energetically and will take on their illnesses or emotional imbalances. This mirroring can help individuals become aware of how they affect one another and move towards healing.

It is an honor to be of service to the family during times of serious illness, emotional crisis and transition/death. Together we can clarify the animal’s immediate condition, preferences for treatment and wishes regarding long-term care. We can also ask questions such as whether or not they would like assistance via euthanasia and what their wishes are concerning their remains. Also, once the transition is completed, contact can often be made with the animal’s soul.

I do my consultations via telephone so that I am not distracted by outside influences such as the person's home environment or the physical characteristics and behaviors of the animal/s (including humans).

I am happy to work closely with veterinarians, both western and alternative, and will stay in close contact with your vet when warranted.

Please note, an animal communication session does not replace qualified complementary care or medical care for your animal, but they can effectively be used together. On occasion I will advise you to seek veterinary care if I feel the animal has a medical condition.

In our sessions, issues of emotional well-being, body-mind health and ultimately soul development are addressed. The use of flower essences is a vital part of my practice and an extremely effective way to assist positive change and to support healing on all levels.

Flower essences are vibrational, potenized substances that are derived directly from the flowers of plants. Each plant has a specific “signature” or quality to support healing. These essences affect the energetic body, thereby allowing one to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Changes in an animal’s lifestyle can always be made to increase vitality and support health, thereby preventing illness. Specific recommendations depend upon each animal, their history and their current level of wellness. Improvements include, but are not limited to proper diet, the use of whole foods, supplements, specific exercise and lifestyle changes.